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Pet Sins November 2003

People of Color working together to fight AIDS

Some news articles about non-Europeans taking a common stand in the battle against AIDS:

April 2003 AP article U.N.: HIV/AIDS in Asia could outstrip Africa if no action taken:

...former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda called for greater cooperation between Asia and Africa in fighting the disease. "We must not allow mother Asia and mother Africa to be raped by HIV/AIDS," said Kaunda, whose son died of AIDS in 1986. Kaunda, who ruled Zambia for 27 years until 1991 and is now a strong advocate of AIDS awareness, proposed a "south-south" dialogue that would help lessen the stigma of the disease.

FAO Newsroom: Africa and Asia team up to fight AIDS through agriculture

DAWN.com Harsh US drive against affordable AIDS drugs :

The battle lines between the West-based pharmaceutical industry and companies in the developing world that produce generic drugs have grown sharper this month, anti-AIDS drugs being at the heart of this dispute.

And the catalysts in such a turn of events include Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical company, and the government of Brazil, both adamant in challenging the stance of the pharmaceutical industry that it decides who should produce anti-AIDS drugs and at what price they should be sold.