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Pet Sins November 2004

More black men than black women in media images?

I am wondering if the higher number of BMWW couples compared to the higher numbers of BWWM couples, which as discussed in The black man-white woman phenomenon, is in any way related to the higher number of black men in media images. By media images, I don't mean just TV programs/movies, but also print ads, TV ads, corporate literature, government propaganda, promotional posters etc.

When we see a picture of a group of white persons with a token black person, the black person is more likely to be a male than a female. Here're some examples:

This is a picture from a 2003 bicycle company catalog. It is representative of the images in the rest of the catalog - white men, white women, black men, but no black women.

Here's another image from part of a 2003 Polaroid ad:

Here's another image from part of a 2003 Bon Marche ad:

Is there a reason for this? Simple sexism? But then things are opposite for yellow/brown people - there are more yellow/brown women than yellow/brown men in media images. There are some exceptions, of course, like this 2003 AAA ad, but by and large, it seems black men have more media exposure than black women.