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Pet Sins March 2004

Perspective on Black-Latino relations

You hit the nail on the head in the article Are Latinos and Latinas treated equally by Anglo America? and how the gender imbalance in media reflects reality. But as an African American male, I have just one observation that I would like to offer you. True, the movie Next Friday wrongly stereotyped the three crazy Latinos, but in general the black community identifies with Latinos (especially Puerto Rican) on a much bigger scale than other non-whites. This can be seen in rap and hip/hop videos that often feature beautiful Latinas shaking their bon bons alongside the hot black girls as well.

Blacks are also more open in dating interracially, especially with a Latina. And although not to such proportions as males, black women too are more apt to date a Latino. Latinos in turn are more open in dating a black man or woman - especially Puerto Ricans and Dominicans because in the Carribean it's really not a big deal to date someone with a different skin tone. Another issue is "understanding" a Latina. Black guys are also more open towards going to a salsa club or hanging out with their girlfriend's Latino friends than a white American.