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Pet Sins March 2006

Black college instructor picks on mixed students and white students

I am a mixed African American student. I always thought that having more black educators in college would be a good idea. It seems to me that a black instructor would relate better to the black students. However, I found out this semester that this not always the case. I have a black instructor this semester, and he has a major chip on his shoulders. He picks on me because I am a mixed African American and my skin is lighter; and because I have nice clothes, and I write better than he does. He has a major jealously problem.

It does not stop there. He also makes the white students feel bad because they are white. He justifies it because white people started slavery. He calls all students who are of mixed race "sell outs" and he exposes students' confidential information in front of the class. It is great to have more instructors of color, but not ones who pit dark skinned blacks against mixed blacks, or who blame all white people for slavery. It seems that he is doing a major injustice to the education system and should be fired. He even gossips with students about other students.

I'm in school to learn and not play games. I could not care less if he does not like me, but he should not bring personal problems into the classroom.