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Pet Sins July 2006

Interracial relations in American media - a gender double standard for Asians?

In the media - which I am a part of, White men-Asian women unions are always used as subjects for interracial relationships. It's okay for White men to date whoever they want, but if it were non-White men dating White women, it's considered taboo. My fellow media communications buddies are of no help at all to my dilemma. Asian men are seen as nerdy, computer geeks with few balls who aren't worth the time. And if they are seen in any other light, it's usually considered out of the ordinary and unrealistic. Take the Asian character on the Star Trek television series for example. He's always alone, can never get a woman and always has serious personal issues. It's not easy being a man from the East in White society. Several years ago, a show on WB -I believe - called Vanishing Son starred Chinese-American actor Russell Wong (who is half Caucasian, thanks to a blond-and-blue-eyed mother). Wong went around the country fighting bad guys, and pretty much had the pickings of sleeping with any woman he wanted--and they were mostly White women. The show was cancelled after a short run on the air, and I believe it was because of Wong's female choices. I don't doubt the controversy surrounding an Asian male television lead winning over the White female every week on the show. It's kicking the White male ego right where it counts. If it had been Asian women, the show would have made it. Since it wasn't, the scripts ended up in the trash.


Comment from 'AW'
This article resounds the typical issue that Asians in some way or another idolise white people....why? I find it interesting how media in the United States keeps a standard that would in some way discourage white women hitting it off with Asian men but would be ok with Asian women with a Caucasian fellow. Do Asian men really want to be acknowldged so much by the media; that to be with someone "White" would be considered as something to be ultimately achieved? What if things were to be seen in another perspective? If an Asian man was to fall in love with a coloured woman? Black? What would the media say then?