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Pet Sins July 2006

Condi's dress size - double standards for media discussions of female politicians and male politicians

I wonder if anyone has noticed that political commentators, who are supposed to be concerned with less-than-frivolous topics of how our nation is being run, spends time discussing the fashion tastes and domestic life of female politicians but do not do the same for male politicians. Jennifer Pozner, directory of WIMN, had pointed out that the media seems to see no irony in talking about "Condi's dress size", but not the measurements of "Johnny (Ashcroft)'s inseam." I got a chuckle out of her comment, but humor aside, she does have a point. You can read Pozner's insightful article on the media obsession with the appearance of women politicians (an obsession that does not extend to male politicians) at Commander In Chic on www.tompaine.com.