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Pet Sins March 2007

The Warrior (Musa)

Country of Production: Korea,China

This 14th-century epic won the Best Editing Award at the 2001 Asia-Pacific Film Festival. Musa ('warrior' in Korean) is a fictional story inspired by a historical vignette of a Korean diplomatic mission which went missing after being sent to China. None of the members were known to have made it home. This 2001 film by Sung-su Kim features Chinese stars Zhang Ziyi and Yu Rongguang, as well as Korea's young male heart throbs Ju Jin Mo and Jung Woo-Sung.

During a low point in China-Korea diplomatic relations, a young Korean general comes across a Chinese princess held captive by Mongol troops. His sense of honor prevails over the practical considerations of his men when he decides to rescue her. He also hoped to restore relationships between the Korean envoys and the Chinese courts by returning the Emperor's daughter to her father. Their flight back to Chinese territory is dogged by Mongol pursuers. The warring parties become hopelessly mired in a series of internecine battles, doomed to destruction by their sense of duty and obligation.