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Pet Sins March 2007

The Teardrop Pearl of Ha Long (Giot le Ha Long)

Country of Production: Vietnam/Hong Kong

In this 1994 movie set in northern Vietnam, a young Vietnamese fisherman Quang and an ethnic Chinese woman A-Chau fall in love. But A-Chau's family wants her to marry another Chinese. The couple defy the prejudices of their communities to marry.

But overcoming family opposition is not enough. Larger political forces conspire to separate the couple. 1978 rolls around, and the Sino-Vietnamese War erupts. Ethnic Chinese in Vietnam are being deported to China. A-Chau is forced to leave her husband and son behind...

The Teardrop Pearl of Ha Long (also known as 'The Teardrop Pearl' or 'The Teardrop Pearl of Halong') was named Best Picture of 1994 by the Vietnam Motion Picture Association.