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Pet Sins July 2007

Lisa Whaley - former IBM VP and President of Worklife Synergy

Lisa Whaley started her career with IBM as a programmer in San Jose right out of college. She rose up the ranks to become Vice President. The successful executive married another successful executive but their seemingly perfect life was eventually shattered by a self-destructive teenage daughter. At the same time, Lisa Whaley's father became seriously ill and Whaley herself struggled with her own health.

Driven to despair, Whaley made the painful decision to send her 14-year-old to a residential youth program for struggling teens. She began writing to work through her pain. Lisa Whaley left IBM after 22 years with the company and went on to publish her first book "Reclaiming My Soul from the Lost and Found", the candid story of a successful professional woman brought to a point where she had to examine her values, evaluate her choices and reclaim her life.

Whaley chose to self-publish and the internet was a key part of her marketing arsenal. More traditional channels for publicity such as The New York Times, The Ron Owens Show, Essence Magazine and Black Enterprise Magazine also helped get the word out about this timely book which has touched the lives of many women who also struggled with balancing work and family.

The former IBM executive started Worklife Synergy, LLC, launching a new career as a motivational speaker, life and executive coach. In 2006, Lisa Whaley published a second book "Prisoners of Technology", exploring the alienating effects of modern technology and offering eight simple strategies to unplug and put balance back into life and work.

The National Association for Female Executives selected Lisa Whaley as one of its 2006 Women of Excellence.

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