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Pet Sins April 2008

Towa Tei's collaborations with Western Latin/Jazz/Hip Hop/Rap artistes

Japanese-born ethnic Korean DJ Towa Tei's Future Listening album includes a collaboration with with American singer/songwriter Joi Cardwell on Track 4 "Luv Connection."

In Towa Tei's 1998 Sound Museum, he collaborates with American hip hop lyricist and MC Bahamadia on Track 3 "Happy".

Track 4 "BMT" is a collaboration with US rappers Mos Def and Biz Markie.

In his 2000 album Last Century Modern, Tom Browne (Mr Funk Jamaica), singer Toni Smith, rapper Wizdom Life and the French hip hop duo Les Nubians contribute to Track 8, a re-make of "Funkin' For Jamaica". ("Funkin' For Jamaica" was original recorded by Tom Browne in 1980.)

In his 1998 album 21st Century Classics, Towa Tei uses the talents of New Yorker Puerto Rican DJ duo Nuyorican Soul on Track 10 "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun [4 Hero Remix]".

British DJ of Scottish/Jamaican descent Goldie and Jamaican American hip hop MC KRS-One are featured on Track 4 "Digital [Boymerang Mix]".

Goldie returns on Track 8 "Inner City Life [Roni Size Instant Mix]".

"Luv Connection", "Happy" and "Funkin' for Jamaica" are included in Towa Tei's 2003 compilation album Best/Korea, in addition to "Groove is in the Heart", a collaboration between Towa Tei, Academy Award and multiple Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock and the rapper Q-Tip.