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Pet Sins July 2008

African Queer Cinema

African films with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender themes

Apostles of Civilized Vice (South Africa, 1999)

A 2-part documentary on South African queer history.

Apostles of Civilized Vice on Idol Pictures

Apostles of Civilized Vice on seattlequeerfilm.com

Dakan (Guinea/France, 1997)

Two young men maintain an agonizing romance through high school and adulthood despite the opposition of family.

Dakan on imdb.com
Dakan on planetout.com

Karmen Gei (Senegal/Canada/France, 2002)

This Senegalese interpretation of Karmen set in modern day Dakar features a bisexual heroine.

Karmen Gei review on California Newsreel
Karmen Gei official site

Out in Africa! (South Africa, 2005)

This series of shorts include Enraged By a Picture, a short film about a black lesbian photographer's work documenting the lives of South African lesbians, and I Have Two, a short film about the frustrations of a deaf gay man.

Out in Africa! - a series of South African shorts on glbt lives in the post-Apartheid era

Proteus (South Africa, 2003)
Proteus is the love story of two men on a South African island prison in the 18th century.

Proteus: Slaves to Love - co-director writes about his role in the making of Proteus, an international co-production
Reading Between the Lines of History: John Greyson on "Proteus" on indiewire.com

African Film Festivals

Out in Africa: South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

This listing is not exhaustive. Feel free to send more links.