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Pet Sins July 2008

First Nations/American Indian Queer Cinema

Films with First Nations and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender themes

The Business of Fancydancing (USA, 2002)
A successful gay Spokane Indian poet contemplates his past and his present in an exploration of ethnic identity and sexual orientation.

The Business of Fancydancing official site
The Business of Fancydancing review on filmfreakcentral

Johnny Greyeyes (Canada, 2000)
A prison drama about two First Nations lesbian lovers.

Johnny Greyeyes on imdb.com
Johnny Greyeyes on planetout.com

Juchitan Queer Paradise (Chile/Canada, 2002)

In Juchitan, a Mexican city near the Guatemalan border, the Zapotec inhabitants accept female-identified males as a third gender. MTF women have a full life in the community.

Juchitan Queer Paradise in Filmakers Library
Juchitan Queer Paradise at San Francisco International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2003

Ke Kulana He Mahu: Remembering A Sense of Place (USA, 2001)

A documentary on Hawaii's gay and transgender community and the islands' indigenous transgenre tradition.

'Ke Kulana' examines isle gay identity in Filmakers Library
Paying Attention: The Importance of Being "Mahu" at Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Two Spirit: Belonging

A short documentary containing interviews with Two-Spirits about their sense of belonging to the urban reservation and to the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits community.

Two Spirit: Belonging

Two Spirit People (1992)

A documentary on the berdache tradition of Native American cultures.

Two Spirit People on Frameline.org
Two Spirit People on mediarights.org

This listing is not exhaustive. Feel free to send more links.