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Pet Sins October 2009

Social double standards towards expressions of black affluence

I was reading an article on a Eurasian girl of Vietnamese descent. She discussed how her background is seen as a negative aspect. Her parents met on campus at a college in the United States, but people spread rumors that her mother is a prostitute.

I can relate to this article because I am a mixed raced mulatto and my family is middle class to upper middle class and there are rumors about us being drug dealers. I will admit that my family has nicer assets than others in our same income bracket, but the fact is most black people have style and like extravagance.

It seems that it society views it as impossible for blacks to be successful. However, I know people who are white and Asian and they are actually are drug dealers, but no one pays attention to them or cares.

I do not understand why there is such a double standard. It seems to me that people just do not like blacks. Why are we hated so? I know there are some who make our race look bad, but the same goes for all races. It just seems that society is not very welcoming to blacks.