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Pet Sins April 2010

Zulu Love Letter

Zulu Love Letter, a film by South African director Ramadan Suleman, is the story of a female reporter dealing with demons from the past. Thandeka Khumalo, a reporter of Zulu heritage, has a deaf child Manji with her ex-husband Moola, who is of South Asian decent. Manji's disability was likely the result of police torture inflicted on a pregnant Thandeka during apartheid.

Angry over the injustice she endured, and resentful that fellow South Africans like her husband could 'move on', Thankeda had divorced Moola and was living an alienated, embittered existence in post-apartheid South Africa until an old woman Me'Thau asks for her help in locating the remains of her daughter Dineo, murdered by police 13 years before. But while the political climate of the country has changed, some former oppressors cling on to old attitudes and the belief that one can act brutally with impunity. The murderers, fearing exposure, try to intimidate Me'Thau. By taking up Me'Thau's request, Thandeka unwittingly puts Moola and Manji in danger...