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Ethnic and Cultural Issues

Color preferences in Asian media present inaccurate picture of the actual population

Questioning Stereotypes of the Hypersexual African

Seeking information on Wapo Indians and tribal names

Shared Stories: Common themes in myths and legends across cultures

The 'Odds and Ends' of Food Animals - 'ethnocentric' ideas about cuisine?

Unexpected Portraits of Asia

Unlearning stereotypes from Asians - a re-evaluation of cultural assumptions on 'geeks' and 'nerds'

Unlearning stereotypes of Asians - a personal journey

What's the deal with 'naked savages'?

White Identity in America: a state of racelessness and culturelessness?

Race Relations

An 'instinctive' avulsion for blackness - People of color recognize the master race?

Deconstructing 'Asian fetish' - the appeal of physical appearance and/or cultural traits

Dynamics of Inequality - patterns of interracial dating in the USA

Pre-European-contact Colorism and Post-Colonial Racism in Asia and North Africa

The Divide-and-Conquer Legacy: why some whites are uncomfortable with interracial relations between non-whites

The hypocrisy of race in America - are some intermarriages more acceptable than others?

White reactions to minority interracial couples

History Tour

Asian mariners beat Europeans to world destinations

Black African travellers reach international destinations prior to Europeans

Chinese women in history - soldiers, pirates, scholars, sages and rulers

Pre-modern Asian science and technology

Records of Same-Sex Love and Lust in Chinese History and Tradition

The use of technology and science in pre-modern Africa