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Madeline Coffin

Madeline Coffin is the Founder of the Seattle Serrada Eskrima Group and a Co-Founder of the The International Serrada Eskrima Society. She is a half-Filipino and half-Canadian Indian lesbian living and teaching in the Seattle, WA area.

What Guro Coffin says about herself:

This year October 2000, I will be celebrating 27 years involvement with martial arts. I currently teach private lessons of Filipino Stick-Fighting at my home on Alki beach. I also, teach workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest, representing "The International Serrada Eskrima Society."

Madeline Coffin's background includes a Blackbelt in Traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu Karatedo, a 3RD degree Blackbelt in Okinawa Goju Kai, as well as knife, nunchaku and Filipino stick-fighting. She received the 1995 Instructor of the Year award, and was a Featured instructor on Best Defense videos I, II & III (a self-defense video for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people) In 2002, she was offering Self-Defense courses at local GBLT Community Center, with all funds returned to center.

Guro Coffin can be contacted at You can read her articles online at