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Third Sister Liu (China Version)


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Third Sister Liu is a vastly popular musical based on a legendary character in Southern Chinese lore. According to one tradition of the Zhuang ethnic group from Guangzi, Liu was an intelligent young villager with a beautiful voice. People believed she was the human incarnation of the oriole. The rural woman was a master of 'mountaineer's freestyling' - a call-and-response singing tradition in which one party sings a stanza and the other party has to improvise a response on the spot. Many youths from all around came to sing against Liu but she remained undefeated. A landlord Mo Nihuai wanted to take Liu as a minor wife, but by tradition, she would only marry someone who could match her both as a singer and improvisional lyricist. Mo hired three singers from Guangdong to challenge Liu but she defeated them all.

Liu often sang together with Li Shitian, a young man whom she had accepted as a singing student. The jealous Mo arranged for an accident which sent Liu falling into the raging river... The tale's ending varies between the different oral traditions - besides the Zhuang, other ethnic groups in Southern China also have their own versions of the legend. The tunes from the Third Sister Liu musical are vigorous and catchy, and can easily appeal even to audiences who don't understand Chinese:

  1. Singing Mountain Songs
  2. The Festival of Songs
  3. Singing Whenever My Heart Desires
  4. A Three Inch Tongue and a Mouthful of Grease
  5. The Ball of Golden Thread
  6. Vines Around the Tree Trunk
  7. Like a Pig with a Flower Monkey
  8. No Need for a Sedan Chair; I Will Walk There.
  9. Never to Enter the House of Mo
  10. The Sharp Point of an Ox's Horn
  11. Zhi Hu Ye Zhe Yi Yan Zai
  12. Only the Mouth Cannot Be Stolen Away
  13. The Great Fog Hides the Mountain
  14. Singing here, and a response there

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