Female Kyuzo, Katsushiro, Shichiroji and Heihachi (Emi) Fanart (Rating: K)
Pairing(s): Emi/Hei


Female Kyuzo and female Heihachi Fanart (Rating: K)
Pairing(s): None yet.


Female!Kyuzo Fanart (Rating: 18+)
Pairing(s): Kambei/female Kyuzo

morgankit Female!Kyuzo line drawings colored by Jun-I (Rating: 18+)
Pairing(s): Kambei/female Kyuzo

Female!Hei-san Fanart (Rating: G)


FemKyu Fanart (Rating: 18+)
Pairing(s): Shichiroji/female Kyuzo

fem Hyogo by sinjaangels

FemHyo Fanart (Rating: G)

FemHei Fanart (Rating: T)
Pairing(s): Gorobei/female Hei


Female Kyuuzou Fanart (Rating: T)
Pairing(s): Kanbei/female Kyuuzou

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