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Soviet Era: Russian soldiers rape Afghani civilians

The Afghan civil war, which started in 1979, prompted the Soviet army to intervene by occupying Afghanistan. During the 10 year occupation, Afghan civilians were raped by Soviets and their allies.

From Terra Viva article Court would have been Lifeline for Afghan Women:

The widespread rape and torture of women during the years of the Soviet occupation after 1979 was well documented by Amnesty International and by UN reports, she added.

"The criminals, mainly Soviet soldiers but also Afghan soldiers supporting the Marxist-Leninist government at that time, went unpunished. Most women had lost a close male relative under Soviet occupation," said Shorish-Shamley, whose brother had been killed by the pro-Soviet regime.

Unfortunately, after the end of the Soviet occupation, warlords battled for power and started another round of mass rape against civilians.